What is Rendered?

In the past few years, widely accessible tools for the creation of realtime 3D content have emerged as a way to reconstruct a verisimilitude of reality wherever we have access to a screen.

As this 3D content becomes more robust and as the notion of a “screen” slips to something more ubiquitous, other realities are emerging that attempt to mimic, replace, or subvert our own.

Rendered is your guide to emerging realities, an outlet to collect the artifacts of this change: news stories, press releases, research papers, tech demos, forums posts, and commentary.

Who is Kyle Kukshtel?

Previously, I co-founded the Emmy award winning creative technology studio Scatter and worked on building Depthkit, the most widely used tool for volumetic capture.

I worked closely with creators, both internally and externally, to make immersive experiences in realtime game engines. Selected projects include Zero Days VR, Blackout, Vestige, Terminal 3, and Queerskins.

I’m now the Creative Director of Afterschool Studio, a videogame company dedicated to creating spaces of infinite play.

Additionally, I host and organize Volumetric Filmmakers NYC, a gathering of creators, companies, and institutions involved in and around volumetric filmmaking where we share our own thoughts on our volumetric future and how we get there.

Contact me here: kyle.kukshtel@gmail.com

What type of content should I expect?

Each month I plan to send out a newsletter that collects some of the most notable stories and announcements in the space of volumetric filmmaking, virtual production, and 3D rendering, with an added dose of own flavor.

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