Welcome to Rendered

The new guide to emerging realities


I’ve wanted to start this newsletter for a while. The feedback on my news digests at Volumetric Filmmakers NYC has always been overwhelmingly positive, and I’ve been thinking about how to break that section of the programming out into something more regular.

This newsletter, Rendered, is that and more. I’m expanding the scope to include related happenings in virtual production, game engine technology, 3D rendering, reconstruction, synthetic media, etc.

For some examples on the types of content to expect, check out some old slides from a previous meetup here, a record of topics from our first meetup, and a record of topics from our second meetup.

I’m also hoping (especially in these time of quarantine) to feature some small interviews or blurbs from people in the space on what they are working on or discussion around a certain topic, maybe in audio form. Please reach out if you’re interested in sharing your work.

I’m still prepping the first real issue of the newsletter, but if you’re interested in:

  • Volumetric Filmmaking

  • Synthetic Media & Deep Fakes

  • 3D Rendering & Reconstruction

  • Telepresence

  • Virtual & Remote Production

  • Videogames & Game Engines

  • Creative Tools

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Header photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash